Ongoing Success of Turanville Graduates…

Mittiebah H132

Purchased by The Grove Shorthorns for just $4,000

  • His first sons (9) sold up to $33,000 and averaged $14,600
  • Now a trait leader for 200, 400, 600 day growth & Milk in PHA
  • Over 140 analysed progeny and an IMF EBV of +1.7 (more than double the breed average*) coupled with a +5.5 EMA
  • Still an influential sire with sons going to auction in 2023

* Based on breed average IMF Figure of +0.8 in PHA


    Purchased by Leeds Family Shorthorns
    for just $6,000…

    • Sire of the Grand Champion Bull at the 2015 National Shorthorn Show and Sale
    • His daughters also produced THIS YEAR’S Champion and Reserve Champion unled bulls at the National Shorthorn Show and Sale

     Leeds Canna Marelda J44 Sire: Turanville Image E108
    Dam of Dubbo Unled Champion 2023 Leeds Koolie S23

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