Turanville On Property Bull Sale
Thursday 24th August 2023, 1.00 pm

– For sale under Helmsman Sale System
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Hear Doug speak about our 2023 Catalogue,
including some of the headline sires and graduate successes,
plus the first few years of our Shorthorn/ Red Angus cross program.

2023 Sale Bulls


16th Annual Bull Sale at Turanville

2023 will see our 16th annual bull sale at Turanville when we will be offering our 2021 drop “S” bulls and a run of 2022 “T” Autumn drop bulls, registered and recorded with Performance Herds Australia (PHA) Ltd. PHA consists of a group of progressive seed-stock breeders recording pedigree and performance of progeny from Shorthorn and Shorthorn cross females across Australia, representing some of the oldest and largest Shorthorn herds in the Country.


Preparation of the bulls we offer..

All sale bulls are vet checked and semen tested, fully vaccinated and presented in good working order ready to give our clients the trouble-free service we aim to produce them for. We are pleased with the responses we continually receive from successful purchasers with regard to the way Turanville bulls go to work and importantly the progeny they produce.


Breedplan & Genetics

At Turanville the bulls are left in as large a contemporary group as possible in order to measure their data and utilise Breedplan to help identify more predictable animals, with the genetic mix to drive the commercial breeder’s profit.

Turanville genetics have gained a reputation for performing well in numerous carcase competitions over the years. These results, along with the continued feedback from feedlots and MSA kill sheets all help us to measure the important commercial performance of our cattle and identify the bloodlines that best suit market requirements. Turanville have also been supplying purebred Shorthorns into the JBS Great Southern Farm Assured (grass fed) program and the JBS Thousand Guineas Shorthorn Branded Beef product.


Durham Red Bulls.

Our 2023 sale draft will include Durham Reds (Red Angus cross) again this year with a couple of outstanding AI sons of Milwillah Marble Bar and some attractive low birth weight heifer bulls.

Bull Viewing & Inspections Welcomed

As we approach our annual Bull Sale date the bulls will be able to be viewed on our website and there will be linkage to the Performance Herds Australia database to provide further information needed.

Inspection of the bulls is welcomed any time at Turanville.
Please contact Doug either on his mobile or by email:

Mobile: 0418 619 909

Email: office@turanville.com.au

The Countdown Is On!

Turanville On Property Bull Sale

Thursday 24th August 2023
at 1.00pm

  • Stud Quality Bulls At Commercial Prices
  • Outstanding Sire Power Matched By Maternal Strength
  • A Strong And Balanced Line-Up of Purebred Shorthorn & Durham Red (50% Red Angus) 2yo & 17-month Old Bulls


Ongoing Success of Turanville Graduates…

Mittiebah H132

Purchased by The Grove Shorthorns for just $4,000

  • His first sons (9) sold up to $33,000 and averaged $14,600
  • Now a trait leader for 200, 400, 600 day growth & Milk in PHA
  • Over 140 analysed progeny and an IMF EBV of +1.7 (more than double the breed average*) coupled with a +5.5 EMA
  • Still an influential sire with sons going to auction in 2023

* Based on breed average IMF Figure of +0.8 in PHA


    Purchased by Leeds Family Shorthorns
    for just $6,000…

    • Sire of the Grand Champion Bull at the 2015 National Shorthorn Show and Sale
    • His daughters also produced THIS YEAR’S Champion and Reserve Champion unled bulls at the National Shorthorn Show and Sale

     Leeds Canna Marelda J44 Sire: Turanville Image E108
    Dam of Dubbo Unled Champion 2023 Leeds Koolie S23


    Proven Carcase Results

    Sydney Royal Easter Show Carcase Competition Results include 2 Gold Medals, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze across show steer and feedlot trial competitions demonstrating the outstanding versatility of carcase merits



    Clients That Keep Coming Back…

    80% of individual buyers were repeat clients in 2022 while 87% were repeat clients in 2021



    Purchasers Right Around Australia

    Our bulls have gone into operations through various regions and climates of Australia, from central QLD in the North, right through Northern and Central NSW, the Riverina, Victoria all the way to King Island and Tasmania in the South

    Including Stud Buyers

    The Grove, Spry’s, Futurity, Yamburgan, Weebollabolla, Bungulla, Nero and Nagol Park, Broome, Arubial, etc.



    Bulls that are AFFORDABLE

    In 2022, Turanville bulls averaged $10,879

    Nearly $8,000 CHEAPER than Australia’s Premier Shorthorn Stud Sale Averages*

    *Based on the combined average of Australia’s four highest Shorthorn stud sale averages in 2022



    Please contact us if you would like a mailed catalogue.

    Inspection of the bulls is welcomed any time at Turanville.
    Please contact Doug either on his mobile or by email:

    Mobile: 0418 619 909

    Email: office@turanville.com.au

    Turanville Shorthorns 2022 Bull Sale

    Lot 1 Turanville Encryption R129 purchased for a top price of $21000 by Spencer and Sophie Morgan, The Grove Shorthorns of Condamine, Qld pictured with Doug Robertson, Turanville Shorthorns, Scone

     Turanville Shorthorns 2021 Bull Sale
    – $21,500 sale high and best average yet

    Stuart Sheldrake, McGrath Upper Hunter, Sophie, Nic and Angus Robertson, Turanville Shorthorns, Scone with the $21,500 top-priced Turanville Crusher Q92 purchased by The Grove Shorthorns of Condamine, Qld.

    Turanville bull sale august 2021
    Turanville bull sale august 2021